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Support Coordinator: The person who guides towards advocating, identifying, developing, coordinating and accessing services on behalf of individuals with disabilities and their families.


Support brokerage: The person who guides towards self directed services and hiring personal aids in area where client and their families would need more help with day to day activities.

Support Coordination


Support Coordination empowers individuals with disabilies and their families to remain in control of their life. 

This function is provided by individual Support Coordinators who work hands-on with the individuals and their families throughout the process. 

Families can also assist with the development and implementation of the plan by sharing of their own real life experiences.

Support Coordinators and the Mentors are the primary contact with the families. They are a team that is ultimately responsible for assisting families in the development and implementation of the Plan of Care.




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Selecting Support Coordination Agency and Service Provider

People receiving services through division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) are able to choose the service provider that will best meet their need. For more information, please click the link below.

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